recording through AV voice changer diamond?

I started using AV voice changer diamond a long time ago and found that if I had it running while recording in audacity, audacity would record THROUGH the voice changer if I had the microphone set on avnex virtual audio device in audacity. (I’m using 2.0.6 by the way.) the thing is, those microphone settings showed up all by themselves when I installed AV voice changer, so I didn’t have to do anything. that was like two years ago.

recently I had to wipe my computer and reinstall all my programs, but now I can’t seem to get audacity to cooperate with the voice changer. how do I fix this? the voice changer is on vadmode and not hookmode.

We only make Audacity so we don’t know how your software works. What do the AV Forums say about it?

Also what version of Windows are you on? If you are on Vista or later, devices (virtual and otherwise) must be shown and enabled in Windows “Sound” ( ) before Audacity or other software can see them.

And if you reinstall Windows you usually need to reinstall the vendor drivers for your built-in sound card.