Recording Telephone Call


I would like to record a mocked-up phone call.

I could use Skype and my friend will be the caller but when I tried this my voice recorded properly through headset and mic but not the person on the other end of the call. Alternatively we could both be together using my laptop but I do not have a built in microphone so how could we both use my headset (short of passing it backwards and forwards between us which will not make for a very practical conversation!!).

Any advice anyone can give me about how to solve this would be gratefully accepted.


Script your conversation.
Record one side of the conversation on one track and leave gaps for the replies (make the gaps longer than are required)
Record the other person on another track.
Edit the tracks so that the conversation flows naturally,
Apply Equalization (and other effects) as required to get the desired result.
Export as a WAV file.

The other way to do all of this in real time is a speakerphone setup and a live microphone. Push the microphone back and forth on the table until the volume balance is about right–you in real life and the speaker sound from the actor at the far end. If you’re on Vonage or one of the other computer/Internet phone systems, you may need two computers, one for the phone call and the other to record the result. The Internet phone systems take over the computer sound services. They have to. The computer is required to operate the microphone and speaker at the same time for a phone call. There isn’t anything left for you to do production.

There is no way to record both sides on the same computer.