Recording system audio also plays the audio on the speakers, how do i change this?

I’ve two windows machines that i use purely for audacity recording of radio streams, but the cool thing about windows is you can just record a stream, the volume will stay constant and you dont hear anything over the speakers so you can just let it run. Got a new windows laptop, installed audacity 3.3.3 or whatever the newest version is, but it didnt work even though i know to set it to windows WASAPI. I tried copying the program files folder of audacity from my pc because thats the version i’m familiar with, but it changed nothing. i also ran through all the settings on my old windows laptop to see if they’re the same but that doesnt do anything either. Lastly i think it might have to do that the older windows devices are on 10 and this laptop is windows 11. Because the rest of the settings are good, input device is loopback too.

WASAPI only records if there is sound playing.

Your newer computer may have “stereo mix” option to record from,
but it may be disabled & hidden, here’s a YouTube showing how to reveal all recording devices …

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