Recording streamed audio (e.g. Spotify) problem


Hope you’re all well. I have a problem recording audio in Audacity from Spotify (playing in Chrome) in Windows 10 (pro 64bit) and I’d be grateful for some help.

My system is: Asus Zenith II Extreme (sTRX40) with an AMD 3960X Threadripper CPU and 32G system Memory.

In Audacity(2.3.3) I select “Windows WASAPI” as the audio host, “Speakers (2- Realtek USB Audio) (loopback)” as the recording device, “2 (Stereo) Recording Channels” as recording channels, and "Speakers (2- Realtek USB Audio) as the playback device.
Upon clicking on the red Record button a “Message” popup appears saying “Unanticipated host error”. When I then click “OK” another popup appears (“Error”) saying “Error opening recording device. Error code:0 Success.”

As a test I selected “Windows DirectSound” as the audio host and “Primary Sound Capture Driver” as the recording device. Recording channels and Playback Device stayed the same. With that configuration I was able to play back a previously stored .mp3 file. But, when playing a tune in Spotify and pressing the red Record button, recording does happen but only a silent recording. So I’m thinking it’s essential that a “Loopback” function in the Audacity’s “recording device” is available and enabled to send Spotify’s output back into Audacity and allow recording.

I don’t see any other loopback options in Audacity’s dropdown box. Can anyone throw some light on this? - hopefully it’s a “doh!” moment and the fix is easy.

Further to my original post, I’ve attached Audacity’s diagnostic “deviceinfo.txt” file here.
deviceinfo.txt (10.8 KB)