recording speed / compared to Easy voice recorder App (iOS)


I have recorded vocals with Audicity and colleagues have recorded vocals with Easy voice recorder.

I am using the latest audicity version running on windows 10 (20H2)

When playing back the recordings, it is noticeable that the recording with Audicity plays back faster than the recording with the Easy voice recorder app (iOS).
What influences the speed of the recording?
I would like both recordings to play at the same speed.
I appreciate any tips.

kind regards,

You can get speed problems if your systems are running with different sample rates.

There’s a simple way to fix this in post production editing. Note the good and bad performance durations. Run Effect > Change Speed on the bad performance and put the two durations in the boxes at the bottom of the tool.

“My current duration is five minutes and I want it five minutes and ten seconds.”

The digital sample rate is the box at the lower left of Audacity. 44100 is the rate used by Audio CD. 48000 is the rate for video. Those are the two common ones.

Look at the recorder instructions.


sample rate is configured automatic in Easy recording app.
change sample rate to 44 kHz should work