Recording sounds hollow or like in space

I’m not exactly sure how to describe the sound. I wouldn’t call it an echo, but maybe hollow or like I’m in space or a tunnel. I attached a sample recording so maybe someone could tell me how to describe it also. I am fine getting noise out of my recording, but I can’t figure out how to stop it from sounding like this and just get a crisp voice. I have a decent enough mic, it’s plugged into my mic/headphone jack, and I’m working from a dell inspiron laptop with Windows 10 Home.

“audio enhancement” : noise-reduction and/or echo-reduction.

Dell & Windows can both apply such enhancements before the Audio gets to Audacity.
Recording (& Playback) enhancements should be turned off …
[The Dell enhancements are called “Maxx Audio”].

Well, it took some work, because enhancements didn’t show up in my settings. But I found a video that shows how to get the enhancements tab to show up, and once I got it, I went back and did what your video showed, and it works much better now. Thank you!

You can also get a similar effect with multiple passes through MP3 or other compressed file type or medium. Like you download an MP3, use it in a production, save the show as an MP3, then change your mind, open it up, make the changes, and save it as another MP3. That third MP3 is very likely to sound like the wine glass. Of course, that third MP3 is the one you post to your podcast or send to the client who then calls you wanting to know if your computer is broken. It’s a time bomb.

I’m not exactly sure how to describe the sound.

Like talking into a wine glass or milk jug.

All these processes, including the wine glass, work on the same idea. Simplify the voice by suppressing the tiny “unimportant” tones and work with whatever is left. Those unimportant tones are what give you clear, sharp, accurate sound. The wine glass (and milk jug) work by resonance. They really, really like some tones in your voice in favor of others.

Do post back if you figure out what happened.


Dueling posts. Thanks for the reply.