Good evening,

I just purchased the Crosley turntable w software V2.6. I have XP and installed from the exe.
When recording an album to my PC/Audacity, the Audacity software screen reflects a straight line instead of the soundwaves. Please advise on what the error is.

There is no “version 2.6” of Audacity.
If you mean “version 1.2.6” then that is an old (obsolete) version and you should upgrade to the current 2.0 version:

These Tutorials should help to get you started:

Sorry. The CD is Crosley USB turntable and it says version 2.6. I did remove the CD version and downloaded from your site and the problem still happened.

Perhaps a misprint or perhaps they are referring to other software on the disk?
The Audacity version for any installed Audacity can be checked by looking in “Help menu > About Audacity”.

See the tutorials that I linked to. If you get stuck please give as much detail as possible about your set-up, what you are doing, what you have done, and what the problem is (we can’t see your computer or what you are doing, so the more detail the better).

I will get back to you after following your instructions.
If I have the same problem, I will include a snapshot of my screen as well.
Thank you for your time.

You’re welcome, and good luck.

Good evening Steve,
I’ve read your link of instructions, uploaded the version 2.0 and when I clicked the record icon I recieved and error msg. See the attached screen print and also advise if the input & output are correct.

I had that same problem with a USB Turntable and changed my input to USB AUDIO CODEC It probley not the right thing to do but at least give it a try AS A LAST RESORT. you might get lucky Marty

Thanks thor21344, that is the right thing to do.

The Input must be set to the device that you are recording from (the Crosley USB turntable)
The Output must be set to the device that you play back on (the Sigmatel sound card).

As I previously wrote, this is covered in this tutorial:

Those options are not listed in the drop down lists. see screen print and advise,

Thank you!!!

Also - where you wrote :
As I previously wrote, this is covered in this tutorial: … ables.html
I have XP not windows7 or vista

What is the UAC 3556B device that is listed - is it a USB sound card that is connected to the computer? That does not look like the turntable which are usually called “USB Audio Codec”.

As Windows does not seem to recognise the turntable, you should follow these instructions: .

If you see the turntable recognised in Windows but not in Audacity you can try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity.