Recording software

Can anyone recommend a program for recording from the Internet that works on the Mac as easily and simply as Total Recorder does on Windows? Thanks.

Soundflower. It creates a software “device” that allows record and playback to co-exist.


Thanks. But I’m a little confused. (I’m not particularly computer savvy as you may have guessed.) Does Soundflower act as a standalone recorder the way Total Recorder does or does Soundflower enable you to record with Audacity?

Soundflower allows you to record with Audacity.

– Bill

I went looking for that and couldn’t find it. Does this have links from any of the other documents?

Bill -
Thanks a million. I gotta say, though, it’s about a thousand times more complicated than Total Recorder on Windows. I read through the Soundflower instructions/tutorial, and I don’t understand even half of it. One quick question: If I don’t intend to add any sounds to what I’m recording - if I’m simply recording directly from the Internet - do I need to fool with the Max 6 patch that’s referred to? Or is that, in fact, an integral part of the package?