Recording Software Synths

Hi all, my first post,I have a focusrite Clarett2+ interface and im using a mac. I have been using Audacity for years with normal inputs of audio with regular instruments, but the use of software synths is new to me. All the relevant input / output routing seems to be correct on the focusrite. i can play my software synths with my midi controller keyboard and the sound shows up on the “focusrite control” software, yet there is no audio going to the input meter in audacity. Can anyone advise what im doing wrong ?

I believe it’s tricky on a Mac, but Recording Computer Playback on a Mac.

But that’s NOT normally how it’s done. Normally you use MIDI software and virtual instruments to render the MIDI directly to a WAV file (or MP3, etc.). i.e. There is no “recording” except that you can record/capture the MIDI data from a MIDI keyboard.

Audacity isn’t a MIDI application and it can’t do this (although it has some very limited MIDI capabilities)

Making a Mac record its own playback can be done with SoundFlower and it’s offshoots, and iShowUAudioCapture.

Soundflower started to seriously fall apart (programmer conflicts??), so I tried iShowU and it seemed to work.

MIDI isn’t music. MIDI is machine control. If you have a MIDI “Song,” you actually have the instructions for a MIDI instrument how to play a note. After the MIDI instrument plays the note, then you can record it.

You can play some serious games with MIDI. You can easily tell it to play a Piano Concerto…on a harmonica.


Thanks for this info, its really helpful.

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