recording slider mutes playback

windows xp. I open my control panel click dont mute and apply but soon as i touch my recording level it mutes again. if i slide the record level to the right it mutes my volume control at the right bottom of laptop, when i unmute on my volume the record slide level shoots straight back to the left. must be somtheing linked but cant seem to see it.

This isn’t anything to do with your previous topic so I started a new one for you with a new title.

Are you saying that the recording slider mutes playback, and if you unmute playback it mutes recording?

Those sort of interactions usually mean that the drivers for your sound card are incorrect.

Please see Assuming you have a branded computer like Dell or HP, go to their web site, look up your exact computer model then download and install the Windows XP audio drivers for that model. Make sure you have antivirus and firewall running before you go online.

When you have installed the audio drivers, restart the computer.


no, If i put the mouse on the Audacity recording level left side as soon as i move it to the right, the mute sign appears on the volume speaker logo on the lap top task bar. when i unclick the mute box the slider bar on the audacity recording level shoots all the way back to the left.

That seems to be almost the same as what I thought, and the solution is the same - update the sound card drivers.


Down loaded Audio Drivers from Acer, realtech. I have Driver booster 2 so it updated them. Still same problem, also every time i open Audacity the speed slider on the top right is at half way, I move it back close program then open and its moved again. Anyway thanks for your help.

You could try without Driver Booster 2 updating them. :wink: I can’t guarantee that will help, but Driver-finding applications generally have poor reputation, just like most tune-up applications. I would not have either type of application on my computers.

If you got the correct drivers from Acer, then the drivers should not need updating.

Do you have the latest Audacity 2.0.6 from ?


Thanks yes I have the latest, reloaded again just incase, same problem. will carry on checking. Thanks again

A question was asked back in April about the issue of recording level muting Windows XP, and when unmuted the slider for volume control goes to zero. I am in the process of checking for updated drivers and updating my AV program.

I just wondered if anything new is known about this problem since the original posting?

Thanks, Mike

I posted a question in this topic, and Gale answered my question with a suggestion. When I was typing my response, I saved it as a draft, and now I can find neither my first post nor my draft. I asking for help, but I may be beyond help. Sorry Gale

I replied to your first response, but I think I did something to mess it up.
I checked the HP website and the latest driver that they had is two years older than the one on my computer. So I found the HP user’s forum and asked how to find the latest driver

I got onto the HP forum and got this response:

Solution! Re: Audio driver on HP support page older than driver on machine
‎06-20-2015 04:53 PM

You can get the latest Realtek HD audio driver from the link below.

Accept the agreement. DL and install the first driver shown in green for WXP.

I went to the site and it is the Realtek site and the driver files are only specific for a range of Operating Systems. In one of your posts you advised not getting a driver in this way. But I am going to try this after saving the current one (I hope). Maybe this will solve the problem.

BTW - Is it possible that my installation or the way I set up Audacity 2.1.0 is causing this?

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Absolutely so - the drivers on the Realtek site are generic and not matched to your motherboard, so I think you received a poor answer from HP if they did not point that out.

Why do you have a more modern driver than the supported HP driver for Windows XP? Have you tried HP’s supported driver?

No. It is a problem with your sound device.

Please also see Important information for Windows XP users about the security risk of running XP now that Microsoft no longer support it.