Recording Skype Calls Windows 6.1

Is Audacity compatible with Skype? Would i be able to record and save a phone call?

Recording Skype with normal audio recording software is often problematic. Skype tends to grab exclusive control of the sound card. It is usually possible to record the local microphone (your side of the conversation), but many users find it impossible to record both sides of the conversation without using specialised software such as “Pamela for Skype”.

The free version of Pamela is limited to 15 minutes per recording. Paid versions start from around €15:

Note that Windows 7 (NT 6.1) is now obsolete and may not be supported by some software.

If you’re both on Skype, Skype may be able to record it for you.

I got a good, reliable Skype recording at home, but I did it with two computers and a sound mixer. One computer for Skype and one for everything else.