Recording Separate Tracks

I’m brand new to Audiocity…using El Capitan/MAC Mini. I’m trying to convert Apple Music Playlists from iTunes, to MP3 files. I’ve been able to do it, but all the separate songs come out as one MP3 file. What settings do I choose so that each songs is a separate track?

Thanx for helping, and for your patience.

Try Splitting a recording for export as separate tracks.


I think I may have mis-stated the issue — and I didn’t understand the instructions that were suggested.

if I record a playlist from iTunes, what setting do I use so that I can export the songs each as a separate MP3 file? Right now, all the songs come out as one MP3 – and the Export Multiple is not an active option.

The link is what you need. Read all of the page. If you recorded the songs on one track, use labels to demarcate each song then File > Export Multiple… will be available. Press the yellow Stop button before exporting.


Why would you record a playlist from itunes and then export as separate songs?

You already have the songs in your itunes library. Apple hasn’t used any real DRM in years, I think. And itunes can convert them to mp3 if they are AAC…

Perhaps by “Apple Music” Chatool means a streaming audio playlist, or wants to add effects to the songs.

Here is how to perform format conversion in iTunes, if you already have the songs on your hard drive.


Apple Music is DRM protected. I want to be able to put music on an older iPod that doesn’t accept M4P format.

Apple stopped doing that years ago. So I suppose you still have some old songs around.

Simpler and more effective work around: Make playlist in itunes. Burn playlist to CD. Delete DRM files in itunes. Import CD songs.

If you don’t want to waste lots of CD’s look into making a “virtual CD” on your harddisk. Or use re-recordable CDRW’s.

Advantage: no losses due to re-recording. Much, much faster as recording happens in realtime, this process runs almost at the (16X) speed of you CD drive or (?X) at the speed of your harddisk.