Recording second track

When I try to record a second track I get an error code (9997) I have tried everything but it will not record.
It will record the first track but no additional tracks. As soon as I add a new track , it does not record at all.
I have checked all my equipment,re-installed. Thank you

9997 Invalid sample rate: > make sure that you have matched the sample rate in Audacity with that set on your device - both for playback and recording.

I am having this same problem and it just started happening about a week ago. I’ve seen the recommendation to check the machine sample rate but I don’t know where or how to do this. I’m running Windows 10 and whatever I find on-line doesn’t address Windows 10 only earlier systems. This is a real pain.

See this post: Can't record in stereo - #4 by steve

Exact same problem here. And it’s obviously not a sample rate problem or else we wouldn’t be able to record the first track in the first place.

This is an Audacity problem. I recorded on Windows 10 with all the same hardware with no problem until upgrading Audacity. Trying to find my way back to the version that works.