recording records to mp3 format

I am trying to record my drum and bass records to mp3 format. I am using a cheap record player that is made for recording. I am using the rca outs to a 1/8 to the mic input of my laptop.I tried using the usb but every song would clip and be distorted. It records fine with the rca to 1/8 input but bass is not there. I am recording in the 32000hz for the mp3 format. What are the optimal settings for recording? Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is strongly discouraged unless you can change it to a real line-level stereo input. Otherwise you may struggle to avoid distortion (I guess you don’t have distortion because the turntable is set to “phono”).

If you use the mic port you will normally only record mono (or possibly a phasey stereo if you have a “compatible” mic port that detects stereo).

Did you try turning the input level down in the system sound control, or in Audacity?

Did you see if the turntable has a gain knob? There is often a knob underneath the chassis.

Record at 44100 Hz. Sample rate does not affect MP3 file size, so there is no point skimping on the sample rate. Use the USB cable (attenuating the input volume) or connect to a real line-in port if you have one.