Recording Play Back Issue (Tinny sounding - recording DJ Mixes)


New to the forums so excuse if this is posted in wrong place!!

I just got a new computer (desktop) to record into after my old one of 10+ years gave up the ghost (yes I had it that long…don’t hate haha)

I got a Lenovo Ideacentre 3i desktop with 1TB storage and 8GB RAM

The issue I have is that yes I can record but the recording sounds very tinny sounding, almost like recording a TV with a microphone

I’ve got the RCA to 3.5mm jack cable running from the back of the mixer directly into the mic input of the computer (this is what I used to do with the old comp in Cubase and this worked. Mixer is a Pioneer DJM-S9)

Does it sound like a settings issue or would I be better off getting a audio splitter from someone like Focusrite and running everything via that?

Any help or pointers to the correct setting much appreciated!

Can you try using the line-in?
Mic input is pink, line-in is blue.

No line input for some reason on the computer?

Has mic and headphone at front then speaker at rear

Those are bad news, you may need an audio interface with RCA line-in.
I though all desktop PC’s had three audio connectors in back. One of those would be the line-in.

I decided it was about time to grab a audio interface so have grabbed a Beringer UCA222 and if needed a audio mixer to (better to have both right) a Behringer Q502 USB Xenyx Premium 5 Input, 2 Bus Mixer so that way I’m covered. I’ve seen a few videos and should have done this years ago really as it would have made the recordings better all round. Cheers for the replies though much appreciated!