Recording Pitch/Speed Problem

Hope there is an easy fix to this Problem:
My recordings are a bit deeper and dont match up with the video material i record seperately.
What should be minute is like 1 minute and 5 seconds in audacity.
Thx a lot for the help in advance.

The [u]Change Speed Effect[/u] allows you to enter the current length and the new length.

It may take some trial-and-error to get it perfect.

Every device has it’s own clock (oscillator) so they will never match perfectly… but your situation is worse than normal. It could be a driver problem where the software thinks it’s recording at 44.1kHz but it’s actually recording at 48kHz, and then playing-back at 44.1kHz. (That would about the same approximately 10% error as you’re seeing.)

Sometimes just changing the sample rate will fix that (i.e. try setting it to 48kHz).

And sometimes the soundcard clock is just “off”, but it’s not usually THAT bad.

Yeah I can manually fix it ( which i did)
tried to change SR to 48 but no diffs…
this workaround to match video and audio is a bit annoying but it is ok.
Just weird because I never had this issue before.
Thx anyway :slight_smile: