Recording pc sound resulting in headphones too loud

I’ve been fiddling with Audacity for the past few days and I can’t work out how to fix this problem. Any input will be much appreciated. I’m sort of a noob at all of this, so pardon my sloppy/lengthy explanations.

Recently, I’ve migrate laptops to an asus ultrabook.
Previously, I have been using a Toshiba and a Fujitsu notebook to record PC sounds (radio broadcasts), and they have been running fine.

On my asus notebook, I can record PC sounds. However, I usually listen to the audio using headphones, and to record sufficient sounds (.5 linear _), I have to turn up my speaker volume up to about 50%. However this is too loud for headphones usage.

Whilst this matter can be resolved by not using headphones and just the speakers, but I really don’t prefer this other method. Another problem that arose was there was a very slight echoy quality when recording internal PC sound when the headphones are not used and speakers are used. (this was not the case at all with my previous laptops)

Why I think there is a problem:
I tried to compare what was the case with my previous laptop and my current one.

1. Both laptops were set to record at:
Output device: Speakers (realtek)
Input device: MS sound mapper (it didn’t change anything if I used the other option)

a) Input sound

  • Input volume (mic button) had to be put all the way up to 100% to record sufficient sound

  • Input volume (mic button) only had to be set to 40% to record sufficient sound

    b) Mute function OK
    When I set the mute function on both laptops they both continued recording sound (as expected).

    )c) MAIN ISSUE!
    When using headphones,
    My output volume (speaker volume) is usually only at 4%. It is loud enough for me hear clearly on headphones.
    However, even with input volume (mic button) set to 100%, it doesn’t record with sufficient sound. I.e, the sound waves are very tiny and non existent.
    Recording sound level was affected by changing the output volume.

    When using headphones,
    My output volume (speaker volume) is usually at only 2-4%. It is loud enough for me hear clearly on headphones.
    However, with the input volume (mic button) only set to 40%, it records with sufficient sound. In fact, changing the output volume did NOT affect the recording sound level at all.

    What I would like:
    This is a big problem because if I require a good recording, I cannot listen on my headphones as it is far too loud.
    Does it provide more hints if
    -On my new laptop, when I set speakers to 0% there is still some soft sound playing but not the case on my old laptop

    How can I modify my current laptop to do the same thing? To record what is playing on my computer, without it relying on the output sound level?
    Or is this a problem with my speaker sound level? Also to solve the slightly echoey quality of the speaker recordings.

    I really hope someone would be able to help me with this issue. Very stumped and very upset with this new piece of hardware. :frowning:
    Thank you for any help offered._

Self Recording is not a guaranteed product like making the screen light up or connecting to the internet. Some computers can’t do it at all.

Computers can differ in the “turn-around” point, the place where the playback “turns around” and goes back down the recording pathway. Your older machine did it at a point that doesn’t affect the speaker and headphone volume. The newer one picks off the sound later – after the speaker volume control.

Some posters with machines like this plug in headphones and just leave them running under a blanket. The only other option is software that intentionally self-records like Total Recorder.


So sorry for the late reply!
Thank you for your explanation. I’ll try that out.
Much appreciated! :slight_smile: