Recording over mp3 tracks not working

The program won’t let me add another voice. It keeps recording at the end of the mp3 rather than on top of the one I’d like to record over. Do you have any suggestions for writing over mp3 tracks instead of adding more tracks unto the original recording? Thanks!

The options are to add a new track underneath the existing one and they play at the same time; or add a new sound at the end of the existing track.

Audacity can do both. Switch with a preference: Edit > Preferences> Recording: [X] Always Record…

I think there’s a hot key for that, but I can’t find it.

If you want the old track to play at the same time as your live recording, that’s called Overdubbing.

You are warned that Audacity doesn’t edit MP3 files. It copies the music inside itself and then makes a new MP3 at the end. That means you are going to double the MP3 compression distortion (or worse) in your final show. So if your mixed show starts sounding wine-glassy or honky, that’s why. Editing with MP3 isn’t “free.”