Recording over an existing track

I’d like to be able to place a cursor at a specific place on an already recorded track and start recording from that point, but whenever I start recording, Audacity starts at the end of the recorded track. How can I make the recording start where I want?

You can record on a new track at an arbitrary point. “Shift + Click on the Record button” or “Shift + R”.

If you want to replace the audio that was in the first track rather than recording into a new track, then delete the audio from the cursor position to the end. To do that:

  1. Click where you want the new recording to start.
  2. “Shift + End”
  3. “Del”
  4. “R” (start recording)

Hello Steve,
I get the erasing process - what I would like to do is record over just a short section of an existing file without losing everything after the short section. Can that be done?

You can remove the part that you want to replace with “Split Delete” (Alt+Ctrl+K) Edit Menu: Remove Special - Audacity Manual
Then record the new part to a new track.

The benefit of doing it this way is that you can then adjust the positions of the audio clips as necessary so that they join up nicely without gaps (using the Time Shift Tool: Time Shift Tool - Audacity Manual)

Optionally, you can crossfade the clips to get seamless edits: Crossfade Tracks - Audacity Manual

OK, so it looks as if there is no way to just place a cursor on an existing track at a certain point, and start recording from that point, overwriting the original audio for a short segment of the track. Thanks for the tips, nonetheless.