Recording Output


I have a Behringer 1202 Mixer connected to the UCA 202 Behringer Interface which works great with Audacity. I have just got AmpliTube X-Gear and cannot work out how to get the output from X-Gear into Audacity. At the moment the output from X-Gear goes to the UCA 202 headphone jack/RCA outputs; I only have the headphones in for monitoring X-Gear. If I select HD Output 1 or 2 in the ASIO control panel of X-Gear I just get fuzz and the sound from my Laptop Speakers.

I need to somehow get the output to feed into Audacity as it sounds great on my headphones. I have just tried outputing X-Gear to HD Output 1 which are my laptop speakers and I get fuzz but the sound works however Audacity fails to record anything with the “Failed to Open Sound Device” error.

Ok, slight success!!! :slight_smile:
Using the ASIO interface I can record only the left channel and there’s a lot of fuzz and annoying sounds. I disabled the USB Audio Codec output in the ASIO driver control panel. This means I can get left but with lots of fuzz and it’s using the Stereo Mix recording option.

EDIT: Right Channel now works! I just need to get rid of these cracks and fuzz, any ideas?

EDIT 2: Working in stereo now, I increased the Buffer to 2048 samples and all the problems went! Audacity is great. My CPU is at 39%. I will buy the Line 6 POD Studio probably which should solve all these driver issues.

Or maybe not. Audacity doesn’t support ASIO drivers. If you got it all to work, it was by accident.


Yeah I read about the ASIO and considered building from Source but this is what I found.

I am using MME in Audacity to record the Stereo Mix that is being generated from the ASIO Driver output. X-Gear is outputting to the left and right channels of my speakers which is working great and then Audacity is simply recording that as it’s the MME Stereo Mix.

Hope that clears up what I’ve done and it’s working really well! I am going to buy the POD Studio UX1 which will mean I may have to keep the same principle in order to record in Audacity or use the POD’s send feature to simply record from the sends.

Can Audacity multitrack? I’ve seen it discussed but not answered. It can output two different tracks, say Vocals and Guitar and I need to record these separately so as I can make post edits.

You can have as many tracks as you like ('till your computer runs out of steam) and Audacity can play them all at the same time, with individual adjustment for pan position and volume. Live output (playing) is limited to one mono/stereo sound card, so what you hear from Audacity is a mix of the tracks (which may also be soloed or muted).

When you record, Audacity can only access one recording device (sound card) at a time, so unless you have a multi-channel sound card that works with Audacity, you will be recording a multi-track project by recording one device at a time and building up the “layers”. With suitable hardware (for example a mixing desk and a sound card with line level inputs) you can have a microphone on sat the left channel, and a guitar on the right channel, then split the stereo track within Audacity and use them as independent mono tracks.

I see.

Thanks for your help, I think Audacity will be my rough recorder, not because it’s rough quality but because it’s far easier to set up than the big DAWs and I like it a lot more. Please think about multi channel recording, it would be really great; especially as then I could buy the UX1 and assign Audacity record the sends if I build in ASIO from source.

Check out where you will hear my tracks! I’ll let you know how I get on.