Recording OUTPUT From SPEAKERS while Recording INPUT from MICROPHONE using Google Voice - POSSIBLE?

I’m TRYING to record a 2-way conversation between an inbound caller who calls me on my Google Voice # (and with the person coming through my PC speakers), while also recording my speech to this person using a microphone directly into my SSD system unit.

IS THIS POSSIBLE ON AUDACITY to capture this 2-way dialog?

I do this from time to time. The only way I’ve found to record the incoming side of the conversation is to put the phone in speaker mode; place the microphone close to the phone speaker, and the adjust my position and voice to match the same level.

I should note that in many jurisdictions it is illegal to obtain a recording of an incoming call without informing the caller they are being recorded (and getting consent).

The caller is aware of the recording, so there’s no legal issue; but the fact remains that there doesn’t seem to be a way Audacity can do this digitally in its own interface. I suppose this is one thing the developer never thought of. But, thanks so much for the info.

What you are asking to do is to record two data streams at the same time. The output from the speakers, via a loopback, and a microphone. This is addressed in the FAQ. Audacity can only record from one device at at time.

FAQ:Recording - How To’s - Audacity Manual (

It’s a limitation that the “developer” definitely thought about and it applies to lots of situations.

Thanks so much for your input. :ok_hand:

I’ve done this with OBS studio.

Audacity MIGHT do it with Jack on linux.

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