Recording only records 600ms

Hello everybody!

I’m new to audacity. I’m using Audacity ® 1.3.5-beta (Unicode) together with JACK audio (jackd 0.103.0) on a Gentoo Linux. I have connected a headset to the mic input and audacity shows me the audio level if i speak something.
However, if i try to record the audio, audacity only records 600ms of sound. The marker still keeps moving but nothing is recorded anymore. When i play the recorded audio, it only plays the recorded 600ms and nothing more.
See the attached screenshot, too.

Do i have to adjust something, so that it records all until i press the STOP button?

Thanks for any help in advance.


You’re doing well - most Linux users can’t get Audacity to work with JACK at all.
Using Audacity with JACK is a well known problem area and many of us are hoping that JACK support will improve in the future.

As i see, the JACK audio support is broken at this time and the only way for me is to use direct ALSA instead of JACK?
Do the guys from JACK already know this? :wink:

It’s ironic that Audacity is the best audio editor on Linux, and JACK is just amazing, but getting them to work together has always been a problem. There are actually 3 parts to the equation: Audacity, Jack and Portaudio. How I wish they could get together and fix the issue.