recording only left channel of stereo signal

Hi. I was reading other posts to try and fix this but I can’t seem to get it to work. I have a Tascam Portastudio (4 channel recording console with built in cassette). I’m going from the monitor out of the Tascam into A USB Phono Plus line in, then plugging the USB cable from the Phono Plus into my Netbook, running Windows XP. I have the Input Device set to USB Audio Codec and the Input Channels set to 2 (Stereo). When I try to record the tape playback that is in stereo, there is signal only on the left channel in Audacity. Appreciate if you could get back to me. Willlig

Some things you can try -

  • Plug headphones into the ART to see if you are getting stereo.

  • Try crisscrossing the left & right channels between the TASCAM and the ART. (If the signal remains on the left, the signal out of the TASCAM is OK and the problem is the ART, or the computer configuration. If the signal moves to the right, you have nothing coming out of the TASCAM’s right channel.)

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I had already checked the output from the Tascam, we have signal on both channels. Could you please remind me where I have to make settings changes, and what they are specifically, in order to use the USB Monitor (headphone) jack on the Phono Plus. Thanks.

Nevermind, I finally got the right settings to be able to monitor using the headphone jack on the Phono Plus: Still only hearing left channel. What do I need to do now, if you please?

If you are monitoring from the Tascam whose output is confirmed stereo but the monitor output on the ART is left only this may suggest a problem with the ART or with the cable.