Recording on Windows 7

Audacity version 2.1.1.

Attempt using Audacity for LP records preservation as per instructions provided in AUDACITY MANUAL.

Garrard Turntable (L&R) jacks plugged in VIDEO/SAT (IN) (IN/OUT image attached)

of SONY DVD Deck Receiver (Model HCD- AZ330) Music playing from Sony Speakers is fine & okay.

Problem is connection - Sony DVD Deck Receiver to Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. On laptop only single Headphone port is available. Other ports are USB ports.
Sony Deck Connector.jpg
Newly purchased iBall USB connected to VIDEO/SAT (OUT) of Sony Deck Receiver.
iBall Manual.jpg
USB Connector.jpg

Sound recording possible only through built in mic of laptop. Unacceptable as it captures room disturbances.

Can someone please help ?

Bepen Rajadhyaksha
Pune 412115 INDIA

I processed your pictures to a more manageable size.

The yellow connector kills you for audio transfers. That’s a video converter and Audacity will not know what to do with that.

I recommend the Behringer UCA-202 and cousins.

It works with almost any stereo connection including headphones and it will plug into and work with all three computer platforms.

You’re right. Modern computers don’t have stereo recording connections any more.


Thanks Kozikowski for xtremely prompt reply. Will purchase Behringer UCA 202 & try as suggested by you.

Will revert soon.


Thanks Kozikowski.

Hats off to your recommendation which has worked !

Finally managed purchasing Behringer UCA 202.

Now with this I will surely be able to transfer/listen to my long lost old LPs/tapes collection.

Getting to listen again makes me feel GREAT !

Thanks a lot again.

Bepen Rajadhyaksha
Pune India