Recording on MacBook Air....or, not, as the case is...

Hi there,
I wonder if someone can advise me…
I’m new to using MacBook Air. Windows Laptop recently died, and this was the device I felt confident with Audacity on, with many years’ experience. Now, I just can’t seem to get started on Mac. I’m starting with an acapella project and have begun with a rhythm track to keep vocal tracks aligned…when I try to record audio for a new track, it keeps reverting to the end of the rhythm track and recording from there, no matter how many timers I try to select my new track…I probably need to select or activate something, which never used to happen on the laptop…it just ‘did’ it for me. At the end of my tether and would love a steer. Thank you!

I’m starting with an acapella project

That’s the problem. There aren’t enough instruments in the song.

Record a New Track and Tack Onto The Old One option is a setting.

Audacity (upper menu bar) > Preferences > Recording > Options > Record on a new track.

The older Audacity used to always record on a new track. It seemed that everybody on earth wanted Add On. So the newer Audacity defaulted to Add On.


R and Shift+R also reverse. One does one and one does the other.