recording on a delay, help

I screwed up my audacity 2.3.3. I was not hearing the headphone audio while recording my voice, so I went into Edit, view, transport and messed up the thing but good. I now have monitor when recording - but it is on a delay which is not a good thing. the whole thing started with me trying to reload my Solo 2nd gen, thinking that was the problem. Any tips, suggestions. I know it some thing stupid simple, but I can’t figure it out. Hep, Hep.

I solved the echo problem- by turning off - listen to this device. But now I can’t monitor the recordin g as I record it, I can listen after it is recorded. any suggestions - appreciated.

Is that your recording device? Who makes it?

Hi Steve,

It’s a scarlett solo 2nd gen.

Plug your headphones into the scarlett solo.
Turn off “Software Playthrough” in Audacity.
Set Audacity to use the scarlett solo for recording and playback in the Device Toolbar.

(You may need to adjust the monitor switch and monitor level knob on the scarlett solo.)

Thanks Steve, I noticed that I get more volume out of WASAB1 instead of MME, is that a safe option to use?

The main use of WASAPI with Audacity is with the “loopback” recording device. This is used for recording what is playing on the computer. (details here:

WASAPI can often be used for recording normal inputs (line in / mic in), if you select the appropriate input device in the Device Toolbar. Some users find WASAPI to be less reliable than MME.