Recording old stereo audio cassette tape but Audacity is recording mono.

Recording equipment set-up:
OS = Win 10 Home; Audacity v3.0.5
Tape deck = Bose Wave Radio
Deck output = Line Out
Line out feeds Behringer UFO202 interface
Behringer input = Line Input with “Line/Phono” switch in “Line” position
Behringer output = USB to Hewlet Packard Laptop PC

Audacity Settings:
Audio Host = MME
Recording device = Behringer (USB Audio CODEC)
Recording channels = 2 (stereo) recording channels
Speakers = (USB Audio CODEC)

Windows 10 “Sound settings”:
Speakers = (USB Audio CODEC)
Input Device = Behringer (USB Audio CODEC)

Problem statement:
I have recently transferred several stereo audio cassette tapes to digital format using the above equipment and settings. Although I hear the signal (using the headphone connection on the Behringer UFO202) in stereo, Audacity is recording it as mono. The same passage in the music that I hear in stereo as it’s being recorded is in mono when I play the recorded tracks back in Audacity. IMPORTANT: The Audacity display shows a 2-track recording but both tracks are exactly the same (in other words the recording is effectively mono).

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

[u]Make sure Windows is also set-up for stereo[/u].

Thank you DVDdoug. I had known about the Windows setting some time ago but had forgotten it. Your link was a life saver. The newest Win10 hides the setting much more effectively than previous versions but once found I was able to “fix” the problem!

I have the same problem even after I reset all the settings that you listed

Are you using a Behringer UFO202 interface ?