Recording of a voice : a fuzzy, distant sound

Dear audaciters,

After many hours of vain researches, I would like to submit my problem to you :

I made a few recordings of my voice some years ago, and here is what it sounded like :


Today I wanted to record again, but the sound I get is different, less precise, the voice seems to be more distant :


I am using though exactly the same technology : Audacity + micro Realtek
Would you have any explanations/solutions to that ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer, and please pardon my English

It sounds like you are not using your announcing microphone, but instead are using your laptop microphone. It’s not unusual for this to give a distant, room-echo sound.

You didn’t say what the microphone was, but you can use the scratch test to find which microphone is active. You should know where your laptop microphone is from the instructions. The microphone on this laptop is on the left side to the left of the CAPS LOCK key.

It’s possible to use the laptop microphone for announcing work, but you have to have a perfect, quiet, echo-free room and the laptop has to make no fan noise.


Thank you very much for your quick and relevant answer Koz :heart:
I am outside right now but I will check this as soon as I come back home

It wooorks !
It was only a question of a little check box on my control panel. Nothing to do with Audacity which is a wonderfull tool to me. Thanks to the developpers who give us such a treasure !!

Thanks to you, dear Koz, for answering my question. You can hear below, it is much better now :slight_smile:))

I wish you the best,

I’m happy you got it to work. It sounds terrific.

I think everything sounds better in French especially as I don’t speak French. “My arm is broken and my house is on fire” sounds wonderful in French.

Can you say that into your microphone and post it?


So here it is, enjoy, dear Kozo :slight_smile:)

I wish you all the best


If there is anything else I can do for you, please ask

Have a nice day

Alex was a server at a local cafe who spoke excellent “Valley Speak” a half-comedy version of the flat Los Angeles delivery.

“But, I mean, like, totally.”


But that wasn’t the surprise. She had guests arrive at the cafe from home and she flipped into pitch-perfect Parisian French. It was the high point of my day. Even Two Eggs Over Easy sounds better in French.