Recording my voice thru a mic and guest by phone together into Audancity: Windows 10

I have Windows 10.

I am talking into a microphone. The guest is on Google Voice call. Audacity picks up the guest but not me. I’ve tried many dif settings in the record settings and can’t fix this. Also tried me on a mic and the guest on a cell phone that’s connected to my laptop w/an RCA cord. Tons of feedback.

My question is: Can I record me on a mic and my remote guest by either cell phone or Google Voice TOGETHER into Audacity? if so, what are the cord connections, if any, and what specifically should I select in Audacity as recording settings? I have an Audio Technica ATR2100 mic with an 1/8" RCA stereo input and an XLR input.

I do it with a special microphone that goes in my ear and a personal sound recorder. It works with anything I hold up to my head. Doesn’t work with Hands-Free.


I don’t think you can buy a WS823 any more. It was special because it would record in perfect quality WAV files.

There is a TP7 and a TP8 microphone. They connect very slightly differently.

As you’re finding, doing production recording with remote performers is not for the easily frightened.

I was able to record Skype performers, too, but I did it with two computers and a small sound mixer.

Nobody wants to hear that.

Denise and I are on opposite coasts. This was a sound test, so production values are ratty…

You can establish a call on Zoom and then get Zoom to record the conversation very well. The only catch I know of is the workload. Zoom can be as much as three days behind giving you your sound file because of virus considerations.

There are some ratty desperation techniques. Establish a hands-free call on your computer and then leave your phone in the middle between the computer and you in Voice Recorder mode. This works better and better the more soundproof your room is.

I did an interview in a restaurant that way.

If you come up with a good way to do this post back.


Thank you. I came up with a simple solution: Record my voice (through an external mic although I’m sure your laptop mic would work, too) and the guest on a Zoom call. Download the recorded Zoom audio. Zoom records in mp4 format, Audacity wants it in .wav format. Use a free, online audio converter to convert the Zoom file on your desktop from mp4 to wav. Voila! Upload the wav file into Audacity. Done.

Audacity will open many different filetypes directly by installing the FFMpeg software.

Scroll down.

the guest on a Zoom call.

And get Zoom to record it? What was the turn-around time from the end of the performance? Hours?

I thought Zoom would automatically include you both in the call.

(through an external mic although I’m sure your laptop mic would work, too)

I think you got lucky there. Getting that to work may depend on who got there first. Zoom (and Skype before it) take over the sound services inside the machine. So it’s possible whoever got there last, rips the microphone away from the other.

Zoom is neither polite nor gentle. There are instances of someone rejiggering the sound inside the computer so they could record both sides correctly. Zoom couldn’t control conference volume, noise reduction, and echoes, so it collapsed the conference briefly and when it woke up again, the user’s recordings were gone.

Thanks for posting back.