Recording music Audacity (3.1.2) mbp and Pioneer DJM900NXS

Hi there, this used to work flawless but after me updating to the version 3.1.2 there is no sound coming into audacity.
Here you can find my settings;
Samplerate on 48KHz and 24 bit on players (2000 NXS 2) and software, USB 1/2 REC OUT, USB 3/4 CH2 Timecode Digital, USB 5/6 CH3 Timecode Digital, USB 7/8 Post CH Fader

As soon as I start recording there is no sound wave in Audacity and the Pioneer djm900 sign get’s grey instead of black.

What I am doing wrong?

Looking forward hearing from you.

Does Audacity have permission to access the “microphone”? See this post:

– Bill

Yes, I already changed that (it had no permission but has now).

Then I’m out of ideas. I have no experience with that interface.

Is there a forum for the DJM900? You might try asking there.

– Bill