Recording Multiple Songs From Cassette Tapes

I’m very new to this and find a lot of terminology used a bit beyond me. sorry.
I have many music cassette tapes (90 minutes & 120 minutes long), taped back in 1980’s and would like to record them to CDs.
As an example I did one with one side of a 90 minute cassette tape, that is 45 minutes of music with 15 songs.
After exporting the project to MP3 I found that the music was still excellent.
However, and this is my problem, the file created was only one file, (or one track?).
So when burned to a CD and played it in my car I had no ability to be selective about any of the 15 songs that were on this CD.
My question is this, is it possible to record music from a tape to your computer then burn to a CD and have the ability to be selective about the songs being played?
I may not be sure of how to say this but can I make seperate tracks of this cassette tape using Audacity to record to my computer?

Thank you

Follow the links on this page for a full guide to the whole process.

Thanks Steve,
I’ll work on it now.