Recording/mic problems

Hi Everyone

I’m having some trouble with my microphone and the new version of Audacity, I don’t know which one of these is causing the problem or if it something else but let first tell you about the setup I’m using:

Microphone: T Bone RB 500 connected to a Behringer Xenyx 802 that is in turn connect to my computer through the 3,5 mm microphone jack on the backside of my computer.

I’m using Vista now which I was not doing before (by before I mean when it work)

In short the problem is that any audio that I record is coming in very low and during playback I can only hear in one of my headphones while the other is just giving out a static tone.

I’ve not had this problem before with the Beta version or the earlier version of Audacity.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


The 3.5mm Mic-In on the back of your computer is mono (one channel), looking for very low level sound signals, and is easily damaged. You should be using the Blue Stereo Line-In. Koz

Thanks, I am now getting sound out of both of my headphones but I’m still getting that static tone with all the recordings. You wouldn’t happen to have any more good ideas would you?