Recording meter not showing levels

I am new to Audacity. Simply want to convert some vinyl records to CD. In November I downloaded Audacity 3.4.1, read from manuals, hooked up a Crosley turntable to my Mac with OS 10.15.7 and played around with it a little as I tried to decide whether to record tracks separately or the whole LP then edit in track information…I thought I was set to go, then holidays took over and I had to pause project. Yesterday I started up again.

Opening Audacity it suggested downloading 3.4.2 version–so I did. But when I put on the record the Audacity record meter shows nothing, no levels. If I press record, it records nothing.

The Device Toolbar is selected to USB PnP Audio Device; Recording Channels 2 selected
From Recording Meter, Enable Silent Monitoring is selected
The slider on the Recording Meter is set to 68%

On my Mac the Sound Input is USB PnP Audio Device, the input level meter shows activity when the record is playing, the Sound Output is set to internal speakers (though the sound is coming out of the turntable speakers, and I do not recall how that was back in November).

I tried shutting everything down, starting up again…no go…then I deleted Audacity 3.4.2 and reinstalled 3.4.1, but the same thing is occurring.

Please help.

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