Recording meter line not moving

Hey everyone,

I am using audacity program on an acer AS1410 model, with windows 10. audacity version 2.1.2. I am trying to record with a USb condenser mic (Nady USB 1C).

The issues that i am having is that when i press record the recording meter does not move at all. I double checked to make sure that the right mike is selected as default recording device. as well i have read other posts and made sure that sound activated recording is OFF. The recording meter still doesnt move when i press record.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated


It’s impossible to get good information on this microphone. Is there a headphone connection on the bottom in addition to the USB? Some microphones have that and it’s terrific for troubleshooting—and overdubbing.

Is there a light that tells you when the USB is connected and working?

Has it ever worked since you took the plastic off? Did the microphone come with a software package?


Info here:

No headphone port, no software. Just a blue LED. And at least, it shows up as a “Nady USB mic” in the computer and not as something generic and misleading.

Does the cursor move when you hit record?

Also try changing the USB cable and making sure it is tight both ends.