recording meeting in my office with audacity

I want to record meetings through audacity. Not online meetings but physical meetings in my office. With my laptop it’s no problem but with my PC it doesn’t work.
I’m on Windows 8.
For sound devices I have:
AMD high Definition Audio Devices
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

Can anyone please help me? :slight_smile:
Why is it not working? I seem to have a sound card but it’s not recording the noise.

Nearly all laptops have a built-in microphone for conversations, conferences, game comment and Skype.

Desktop machines are “blank slate” and you are expected to supply a microphone if you want one.

Have you tried to record on your phone? iPhones have Voice Memo and Music Memo. Other phones have equivalent apps.

If you can sort how to get the work into your computer, and your laptop worked OK, that may be the way to go.


This is a recording I made in a crowded restaurant with my iPod Voice Recorder. It’s a segment of “how to cook oatmeal.”

If you have a quiet conference room, this will sound a lot better.

The minute you leave self-contained systems (the laptop), the process is a lot harder and and more complicated.


Thanks for your reply kozikowski!

I have a follow up question please.
What kind of internal hardware can I buy for my PC to be able to record external sound with audacity?
I tried to google internal microphones for PC but I can’t find anything. Maybe I’m not searching for the correct hardware?