Recording Line IN

Hello everyone,

First, I’m sorry my english, it’s not perfect.

I need to record off my mac, which I could do with Wire Tap Studios until the end of its trial version.

I tried to do that with Audacity, but the problem is that it records from the micro, so the quality sucks and there are lots of backgrounds noises.

Is it possible to record the sound of my Mac as an mp3 file, using Audacity ?

I’m sorry if this question is often asked but after long research I couldn’t find any answer.

Thanks in advance

I had WireTap but they changed the product so much I did not like it.

I use SoundFlower now. You assign the music to SoundFlower instead of the speakers and then record from SoundFlower. It’s simple and it works very well.


Hi Koz

Soundflower sounds very intersting. Is it similar to HiJack ? The problem is I can’t restart the application I want to record from. It’s a track I composed on a demo version of Fruity Loops, I can’t save it, so if I close FL I lose my track :frowning:

I know HiJack requires to restart the application, does Soundflower too ?

By the way, I’ve been to a store that’s specialized in electronics and DJ material, and they just couldn’t find how to record with Audacity… We tried to plug the computer’s input and output on a USB/Jack port and it didn’t work :-/