recording level too high

ive been using audacity for years but suddenly today the volume was crazy high when recording.
I tried turning down the gain on the interface but its still not sounding right.
are there still recording volume/gain controls within audacity? i cant seem to find them anymore

The level sliders are now incorporated in to the meters …

I am using Windows 10 and Audacity 3.2.1
It is a pity, but the sliders are not working.
I tried Tools-Reset, but no results either.
What to do now?

The recording levels (gain) of any USB devices is set at the point of digitation which is inside the USB device (and external to your computer). This recording level is not controllable by Windows or by Audacity. If there is a control, it is usually a volume-type control on the device itself. In some rare cases, the device manufacturer supplies a special driver that can control this level.