Recording level meter and adjusting

I’m using the WASAPI interface and trying to record streaming music on my PC. Using v 2.2.2 and for some reason the meter adjustment is not working meaning that the adjustment arrow is non-existent. Am I missing something here? Quite possible as I’m new and learning this app. I would appreciate any feedback or insight to my ignorance. Thanks

WASAPI loopback captures whatever is playing as-is. You can only change the recording volume by adjusting the playback volume.

If you’re using a laptop and it’s too loud you can plug-in external speakers (which will have their own volume control) or you can plug-in headphones (and don’t put them on your ears if they are too loud).

DVDDoug thank you for that info. Greatly appreciate it. Is there another option meaning that I wanted to avoid any clipping so if I chose Windows direct sound will the recording meter adjustment function?