Recording Level - keeps adjusting downward automatically :(


I am using Windows 7 with Audacity 1.3.14 -beta. I use it to capture/record some audio from some websites. It records ok (although the volume is low) - I use the Stereo Mix as the input. I set the Input Slider to the desired level and then press record and the input level keeps adjusting downward and the recording is at a low volume level. I set it back to the level I want and it adjusts downward again. How can I stop Audacity from adjusting the input volume?

I have Realtek HD Audio as the audio hardware that was built in to the laptop that I am using. I cannot see anyplace that there is some sort of “automatic recording level” setting.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Please read the pink notice at the top of this page. 1.3 Beta is no longer supported.

Please update to 2.0.3 from here . It has a fix that may help your issue. Uninstall 1.3.14 first then be sure to put a check (tick) in “Reset Preferences” half way through the 2.0.3 installer pages then say yes to reset preferences when you start 2.0.3.

If that does not fix it please try this 2.0.4-alpha build . It is a zip, not an installer, so just extract the entire contents of the zip. Make sure to quit 2.0.3 before trying that build.

Note that Audacity is only as good as the drivers your sound card has. If the driver is broken or not meant for your motherboard you can get weird behaviour. See .

Please let us know what happens. Be sure you have permission to record the audio from the sites you visit.