Recording level control

Most of my recording is radio programmes internally on my laptop (Windows 10). Since downloading Version 2.4.2 I have no control over the record level slider when on Wasapi. The recording level display is at the maximum and frequently goes into the red. Any advice please?
Screenshot (4).png

That’s normal when recording using WASAP loopback. The recording comes straight from the speaker signal. If you reduce the playback level of your other app, then that should reduce the recording level.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. I’m not on that computer for while. The one I’m on now has 2.3.3 and it doesn’t seem to be a problem on that one.

Thank you, Steve, that fixed it!

Hi, I’m not that clever, but I’m having trouble with this. Just upgraded my laptop, so had to install the latest version of Audacity. On my old one, using WASAPI, I could adjust the input level (gain), but on the most current version, it’s locked at 100%. This is giving me poor results. There’s too much background noise, and by the time I’ve used the noise reduction software, the result is just weird! I just want to drop the gain down to about 70%, and I KNOW it’ll sound good then. I’ve tried dropping the output levels from the App, but whatever I do, the gains are just too high.

On my old one, using WASAPI

WASAPI loopback? Streaming audio? …WASAPI also works with the microphone in your laptop or other analog sources and you should be able to adjust the microphone recording volume.

Sometimes digital levels can’t be adjusted when recording with Audacity. If the levels are too high before going into Audacity the audio is already distorted.

If it’s [u]clipping[/u] (distorting because it’s too loud) maybe that can be solved but the volume will have to be reduced before the audio is sent to Audacity.

This is giving me poor results. There’s too much background noise,

If it’s really background noise then reducing the recording level won’t help because the signal and noise will be reduced together without changing the signal-to-noise ratio. And in that case, reducing the volume after recording will accomplish the same thing.