recording jam vox

HI to all
i’m new here :slight_smile:

i’m french and i hope my english will be ok.

I meet a problem.
I just buy an IMAC and i plugged JAM VOX on it.

When i want to record a song with the jam vox effect , the sound of the guitar is clean
never with disto effects

i need some help

good day to all

Please describe more about what you are doing. Are you recording a guitar and feeding that signal to standalone JAMVOX software, and then asking Audacity to record the modified signal? Does JAMVOX appear as an audio device in /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup? How is the guitar connected to the computer?

Or are you running JAMVOX as a plugin in Audacity? If so, is that VST or AU? What version of Audacity and what version of OS X? See the pink panel at the top of this page.

Audacity does not yet run real-time effect plugins and does not work properly in Yosemite.


HI Gale, Hi all

i use JAMVOX.
my guitar is plugged to the jamvox machine (wich is connected by usb to my imac).

jam vox appears as an audio device in the set up

my version of audacity : 2.0.6

when i play guitar with the jam vox connected to my i mac , the sound is perfect (with all the effect of the JV)
but when i try to record with audacity , it record only a clean version of my guitar

do you want more detail ?

Where are you listening to the sound that has the effects applied, and are you choosing the JAMVOX recording device in Audacity Device Toolbar?

If you are already choosing the JAMVOX recording device in Audacity then it will be a question of setting JAMVOX up so that it sends audio for recording with the effects applied to it rather than the dry signal without effects.

If that is not possible, install Soundflower from Set Soundflower as the system output device and as the Audacity recording device. If you can get JAMVOX to send audio to the computer then you can record the effects that way.