Recording issues

I am using Audacity latest version 3.2.3 on Windows 10 to visualise USB audio data (as microphone input), which I generate from microcontroller.
I periodically generate 20 samples as simple ramp function from 0 to 1 as shown on picture.
audacity recording.PNG
PCM32bit.RAW (Hex file 84 bytes , 21 samples, 32 bit sample ):

  1. When I tried record input I can get similar clan ramp - but with different max. I t depends on Recording Level settings.
    Is there any option to disable any Recording level gain ?

  2. Sometimes (especially if I previous click on another track) I get recorded “ramp” with some artefacts at ramp end like fading… see red circle.
    I did not do any change in Audacity. and incoming data is still same

Could any one help me ?

Best Regards

If you record anything on a computer you will be subject to the computer’s assumptions, modifications, corrections, and tools.

If Windows, go into the Windows Sound Control Panels and make sure all the filters, effects, enhancements, and corrections are turned off.

If you like Zoom, Skype, or other conferencing or games, make sure none of those processes is running or hiding in the background. They take over the sound system when they work. Clean Shutdown your machine and don’t let anything automatically start when Windows Starts.

Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start.


Dear Koz,
Thanks fór response. Yes ofcourse I know this andcan confirm that no ather program Luke zoom, Skype, teams 8s not running in the same time. I also veirfy that no specific sound enhancement Is enabled. This USB audio device did not have any control in control panel or in detailed device driver settings. I can ONLY set sample freq 44100 or 48000 Hz.

So 8n audacity is there aby option to by pass the aditional input gain ?