Recording is sped up [SOLVED]


I’ve been using Audacity for years. I recently updated my Mac Mini to Sierra (fully updated, 10.12.2) and have also updated Audacity to 2.1.2, downloaded today; this problem existed under 2.1.1 as well. I have also restarted my machine.

I record into Audacity via an Onyx 820i (same as for years). When recording my voiceover, after the update to Sierra (and to 2.1.2), my voice is sped up by 5-10%; when I use the “Change Speed” effect at 95%, it sounds about right.

I have confirmed that the Project Rate is at 44100 Hz, as per usual.

I would welcome any suggestions about what to do. Correcting via the “Change Speed” effect is okay as a short term solution but a bit annoying.

Thanks very much in advance!

Bill Childs

That sounds about right to be a sample rate mismatch somewhere (44.1 kHz vs 48 kHz).
Check in the Mac “Audio and MIDI” setup that you are using the same sample rate throughout.

That was it! How odd for the input rate for the Onyx to get changed (I certainly didn’t go into Audio MIDI) but it was at 48k. Thanks!