Recording Interview with Skype

I host an internet radio show. Our producer is in Colorado and through his computer we produce the show via internet to run board by logging into his machine, and then skype is our audio. I want to prerecord interviews that i conduct over skype sometimes but always through his computer as I can not figure out how to get audacity to record both sides of the conversation on my computer. I have looked at his settings and mine and cant seem to figure it out. I am in Georgia, so that is why I am asking so that I can call someone on skype, record the interview, and then edit it and sent it to him for show time without always having to schedule a 3 way interface.

Thank You in advance.

Scroll down for the listing from Gale.

Pamela is stable, paid software for Windows that will produce a split recording suitable for post production. Remember that Audacity doesn’t directly edit MP3 and can cause compression distortion in the show.