Recording individual tracks on LP to CD

I have several hundred records that I want to convert to CDs. However, I’d like to be able to record them such that I can for example skip to another movement of a symphony. This would make the recordings respond in the same manner as those I purchase on pre-recorded CDs. Can I record a vinyl side and have this capability automatically or must I record each track individually? Can I then record the second side or additional sides and combine them to a single CD? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Please see:

It’s part of this set of tutorials:

This one may be especially useful:


Thanks so much. I’ll try those techniques. I suspected that there had to be a way to do this. Your hyperlinks were very helpful.

My other top tip is to consider purchasing Brian Davies’ excellent ClickRepair software. It produces almost magical results in cleaning up the clicks and pops from LPs. See this sticky thread:
Well worth the investment imo especially if you have hundreds of LPs to transcribe.


Superb! And thanks again. PJ