Recording Help using a Tascam US-2x Audio Interface


I am using a PC with windows 7 (64-bit) computer with audacity. Just dropped the cash and bought a Tascam US-2x2 Audio Interface to help me start recording some music. Bought some Rokkit 5’s too and it sounds sweeeet. When I open Audacity, I select Windows WASAPI, my playback device to Speakers (US 2x2), recording to speakers (us 2x2), and channels to stereo.

When I try strumming on a guitar or singing before recording, the playback sounds great on the Rokkuts. But when I record, nothing goes through. Why?

Was just about to post the thread before experimenting with something. I am listening to iTunes, and I hit record in Audacity and it recorded the song I was listening to. Playback was clean and sounded just like finished song in itunes back in Audacity. But I still can’t record guitar…as you can tell I am a novice, so any help would be most welcome!

Have great equipment now and just want to start creating!!


recording to speakers (us 2x2),

Try recording directly from the US 2x2 instead of from the “speakers”. There should be another US 2x2 recording option, but I don’t know how it will be labeled.

Still not working. There isn’t another option for recording, other than: Conexant smart Audio Speakers. When I chose that option, the recording freezes at zero and it says: Latency correction has cause the recording audio to be hidden before zero."

What to do?

Doug meant another Tascam US2 recording device, other than “Speakers US2 (loopback)”. You want to directly record the Tascam input stream, not its playback. If “Speakers US2 (loopback)” is the only Tascam recording device you see with Windows WASAPI host selected, try MME or Windows DirectSound host instead.

Also I recommend if you have not already done so visiting so that you can install the latest US2x2 drivers and firmware, and read its manual.


Thanks Gale and Doug for reaching out,

So over the last week, I have found success sometimes with the recordings, and then it gives me this message when I try and record again. Thought I would show you a printscreen.

I did everything you guys said with the different MME and Windows DirectSound hosts. Sometimes I find success with Windows Direct, and other times with WASAPI. Very weird. My computer crashed a couple of times too but the computer is quite old (getting a new one for Christmas).

Any other suggestions?
Error message project sample rate.png

You did get the latest US2x2 drivers and firmware, right?

Perhaps read this to make sure there are no sample rate mismatches with Windows Sound: . Restart Audacity after making changes in Windows Sound.