Recording help....please!

Ok I’m fairly new to this audacity stuff. I’m big into scanners and radio equipment and have 2 live feeds going up over I also like to record radio traffic from these radios often.

I have tried several other recording softwares and like this one the best. Is it possible to record more than one mono input at a time with the newest version?

I have some usb sound cards that I use+ my computer itself.

Thanks in adavce for any assistence.

J. Cody


Of course, if you have line-in and can record in stereo, you can run your mono inputs into the left and right channels. In Audacity 1.3.9 (beta), then click on the drop-down arrow on the title bar of the your recorded track, select “Split Stereo to Mono”. You will then have two mono tracks you can work with.

There are some USB mixers available that will allow multiple inputs with Audacity (beta). Check out
Look at “Sound Card Reviews” especially; you may find the other posts also informative.

I hope this helps.

In addition, producing a “stereo” track like that will give you time references between them. At the exact time that one radio was doing this, the other radio was doing that.

On a more whimsical note. I don’t think there’s an official name for what you’re doing. “Stereo” (Stereophonic) is generally considered two different sounds from the exact same performance – one per human ear. Two-Track Mono is what happens when you take one single sound and jam it onto both left and right of a “stereo” show.

I don’t know of an official name for a two-track show where each track is from a completely different show. Multi-track doesn’t quite cover it, but that’s close.


I tried setting it up on stereo under devices with two channels. Then once I was in record mode did the slit into the left and right, I was also using a double mono plug to stereo output.

I was able to record from two different radios but it wasn’t seperated into two channels like radio-1 on the left track and radio-2 on the right track.

What am I doing wrong or did I misunderstand what you were telling me to do.

Thank you for the input.

J. Cody

<<<I was able to record from two different radios but it wasn’t seperated into two channels like radio-1 on the left track and radio-2 on the right track.>>>

What did you get? In detail.


Well all I got was the traffic from one radio. I put one of the radios on the weather while I put the other on a ta freq and was talking. If I turned off the weather then you could hear the other radio…but it was on both tracks.

J. Cody

I’m only guessing, but perhaps you have a defective cable or it is not plugged in securely - check all your cable connections. It could be a grounding issue. Try switching the sources around on your cable.

Ok, now I am re-reading your original post.

Are these feeds running through your computer ? If so, exactly what is your setup ?

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you…ok yes first off I’m running these scanner feeds through my computer. Now the external sound cards I have are mono and I’m not sure about the one built into my computer.

I’m running a lenovo R-400 laptop less than a year old. At this time I have both scanners running off external mono cards and my built in unit I have tried running two mono’s into a stereo splitter and even though I had it set up with one left and the other right it came out as being together.

I went to radio shack explained what I wanted to do and the guy told me the only thing he could give me was what I already had and couldn’t tell me where to go to get any other cables or spltters that would do the right thing.

He did tell me that running two mono’s to the sterreo splitter wouldn’t be able to divide between left and rights sides…not real sure as I’m new to doing something like this.

So is that enough info and any thoughts?


J. Cody

Curious, I didn’t know you could do this while you were recording - but I see that you can, cool! :slight_smile:

My bad. When you said this I thought you had two physical boxes with speaker/headphones on each one. But I see this is not the case. This is not going to be as easy then. One obvious choice would be to get a 2nd computer :slight_smile:, or run a virtual pc.

Conceptually, you could plug in both of these usb sound cards, then select one of them as the default output device, and startup one channel via your favorite playback program. Then select the other as the default output device, and startup a diffent brand browser using your 2nd favorite playback program. Practically speaking I’ve never attempted anything like this myself, and I have major reservations that you could ever get it to actually work. However, it just might with a virtual pc. I think I’m in over my head here, sorry.

koz, do you have any ideas. :slight_smile: