Recording has NO MUSIC just voice recording

The recording has No music component, just people speaking. How do you remove the voices in the foreground to isolate those people talking in the background. I am looking to be able to have an audio recording of just these background voices.

Is Audacity able to do work on clearing up an audio only recording? If so, Does anyone know how to do so?

That’s generally impossible. :frowning: All of the voices will overlap in frequency so it’s impossible to isolate one or two. It’s the same with music… Music covers virtual all of the audio frequency spectrum and voice covers most of it, so again everything is overlapping.

The human brain is often the best “filter”.

The Vocal Removal and Isolation effects mostly rely on stereo recording where the left & right channels are different so it’s easy to isolate left or right and there are some tricks to isolating or removing the “center” depending on what’s common and what’s different in left & right.

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