recording guitar

I’am new to audacity and I 'am wanting to know the best way to record my guitar.I would be gratefull
for any help in this matter.

Electric or acoustic guitar? What other sound equipment do you have? Microphone? Mixer? Computer with built-in microphone? And do you want high-quality recordings, or just something so you can remember stuff you come up with? --Allen

I have just got a microphone at the minute but i was thinking about buying a usb guitar lead.
I’am not bothered about good quality recording just something i can listen back to.

What kind of connector does the mic cable use? Can you plug it into your computer? Do you know if your computer has a line-in or a mic-in jack?

A USB lead ought to work in any event. I take it you have an electric guitar, then? If you’re not on a tight budget, a USB lead might be nice so you don’t have to haul your amp around every time you want to record yourself.



A question that’s forcing it past my lips: Do you know the sound level of a guitar pickup? I can explain exactly how they work (if you have trouble sleeping, call me), but I don’t know the audio level they deliver. I can get one of the guitar people at work to bring his in, but my impression is the level is somewhere between Microphone and Line.

I know guitar amplifiers are a little weird because they have more amplification than a conventional entertainment power amplifier … but from there I’m stuck.

Good project. “Hey Joey! Bring your axe in tomorrow!”


Everybody for your comments.I will let you know how i go on