Recording GoToMeeting using system audio when muted

Hi there,

I have to record a meeting on GoToMeeting this week and I am very nervous about it all working correctly. I will be muted in the meeting, my purpose is simply to ensure it runs smoothly and is recording. I know I can record my system audio but I’ve seen posts saying it doesn’t work very well although this seems like that’s when trying to record sound from both microphone and speakers.

Should it work in theory if I’m recording system audio and I’m muted?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


So have you set up your test meeting yet?

Most of the on-line conferencing programs have the ability to record sound from the show. Everybody with a pulse, respiration, and heartbeat wants that and simple home recording of a conference fails almost always.

There are ways to do this at home, but you want a button push and I did it with two separate computers and a sound mixer.

That works a treat mostly because the two computers don’t know about each other. And I’m not tellin’.

You can also wear headphones and use a special microphone that fits in your ear and plugs into a separate sound recorder. That also works because the two systems have no idea the other is there.

So as Jademan above, set up a test recording with GoToMeeting settings and see how it goes.